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Is It a Good Idea to Answer Dental Questions for Your Kids?

Posted on 9/7/2020 by SRD on 5th
Is It a Good Idea to Answer Dental Questions for Your Kids?A big part of being a parent is helping your child to explore and discover the world around him or her. This, of course, means answering questions—lots of them. Sometimes, a child asks a question because he or she is really interested in the answer; other times, it's simply a fleeting notion that crosses his or her mind, and he or she isn't really that vested in the response.

When your child begins to ask you questions about his or her dental issues, it can be a good idea to carefully consider just how much information to give out. Sometimes, information can help motivate your child to properly care for his or her teeth. Other times, it can have a harmful effect. Here are some things to consider.

Consider Your Child's Age and Maturity Level

Too much information can cause severe emotional trauma for your child. For example, all adults know that bacteria live in the mouth (and everywhere else). However, if you tell a young child that there are tiny creatures living in his or her mouth you could end up inadvertently scaring him or her. For this reason, you should carefully consider your child's age and his or her ability to process the information you are about to give out.

Adjust Your Explanation Accordingly

This is not to say that you shouldn't tell your child anything at all. Rather, once you have determined how much he or she can handle, you can adjust what you share with him or her.

For example, you might tell your child that “bad germs” can live in the mouth if they don't brush and floss properly. This gives him or her a sense of empowerment in the matter, because it leaves it up to him or her to choose whether he or she will brush or not.

By adjusting the way you speak with your child, you can help inform him or her without causing trauma or scaring the child. So, think carefully next time your child asks about oral hygiene issues.
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