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Items that Could Lead to Enamel Damage in Your Child's Mouth

Posted on 11/16/2020 by Lindsey Holt
Items that Could Lead to Enamel Damage in Your Child's Mouth
Children, as well as adults, chew on pencils or pens, chomp on ice, or recklessly crunch are hard candy. However, any of these items or foods can lead to damage of the tooth enamel. Therefore, it is wise to veer your child away from items that they put in their mouth to minimize damage to the teeth.

Teach Your Child to Keep Objects Out of His or Her Mouth

It is natural for a child to, perhaps, chew on a pencil, or break open a package with his or her teeth without thinking. However, these types of habits can do more harm than good and damage the tooth enamel. In some cases, fractures or chips may result. Therefore, it is helpful to teach a child the proper “dental etiquette.” One of the great offenders, with respect to candy, are jawbreakers. While these large solid candies, often with soft candy middles, will usually not break the jaw, they can definitely do some serious damage to a tooth's enamel. Anything hard on which a child bites can lead to major or minor fractures, signaling the need for immediate dental care.

How to Replace Bad Chewing Habits or Minimize their Effect

You can prevent a problem with enamel damage by placing chewy toppers on top of pencils. If your child has a tendency to chew on hard pencils while studying or in their classroom, the chewy toppers will protect the enamel on his or her teeth. Most chewy toppers are made of a silicone material, which is both gentle and soft on the enamel. The toppers are sized at just over 2.5 inches tall and can be fitted over pencils as well as most other writing utensils. They are also easy to clean and do not come with any odor or unpleasant taste.

If your child chews on stuff that is bad for their dental enamel, you need to take action and review what is not allowed when it comes to placing items in the mouth or chewing. Also, book an appointment with us for a dental cleaning and exam for your child. We can help you with steering your child or adolescent in the right direction when it comes to maintaining their smile.

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