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Does Your Child Have Shark Teeth? What You Should Know!

Posted on 10/25/2021 by SRD on 5th
Does Your Child Have Shark Teeth? What You Should Know!Named for the multiple rows of teeth that many shark breeds have, “shark teeth” is a fairly common condition in children that involves adult teeth erupting behind baby teeth that have not fallen out yet. Shark teeth are not always cause for concern, and whether or not we need to intervene depends on a few different factors. Read on to learn more.

What Causes Shark Teeth to Form?

Typically, children begin losing their baby teeth at around age five to seven, replacing them with their new set of permanent teeth. Permanent teeth are supposed to dissolve the roots of baby teeth as they grow in underneath, which causes the baby teeth to loosen and fall out. When the root of a baby tooth does not dissolve, a permanent tooth will grow in behind the baby tooth instead of underneath it – this is when “shark teeth” appear. Another name for this phenomenon is ectopic eruption.

Shark teeth can be caused by a lack of space in the mouth, but other times baby teeth are just stubborn, and take a while to fall out. It is most common for children to have shark teeth in the lower front incisors.

Are Shark Teeth Something to Worry About?

In most cases, shark teeth are actually not cause for concern at all. Eventually, like all adult teeth, the shark tooth will continue to erupt and dissolve the roots of the baby tooth it is replacing. If the baby tooth is loose, your child can try wiggling it gently to encourage it to fall out. Once the baby tooth falls out, the shark tooth should be able to assume its proper place.

If a baby tooth with a shark tooth behind it is not loose at all, or if shark teeth are causing your child discomfort, you should bring your child into our office so we can take a look. If shark teeth erupt behind molars when your child is a bit older (around age twelve), this could require either extraction or orthodontic intervention so as not to cause overcrowding of other permanent teeth. Call our office today if you have questions about shark teeth.
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